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Silicon Roundabout Ventures is the first invite-only network in Europe for Angels and High Net Worth Individuals.

Our members have the opportunity to access a highly curated selection of tech startups with the option of reviewing VC-level Due Diligence packs -including both business and tech stack analysis.

We run syndicates to invest into high-growth ventures at Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stage. Silicon Roundabout Ventures is the investment arm of Silicon Roundabout, which runs the largest tech community in Europe.

Angels by Silicon Roundabout is the platform where Silicon Roundabout Ventures members can invest in High Growth Technology startups. We have three different investment products:

Syndicates are single-deal groups created to invest in a specific startup. These let you invest deal-by-deal in specific startups. Angels by Silicon Roundabout conducts a tough selection to allow startup to be featured on our platform and conducts on them both basic due diligence as well as VC-level in-depth due diligence – the latter of which is accessible to Premium Members.

Our VC Fund at Silicon Roundabout Ventures let you invest in a balanced and highly selected startup portfolio with one check. Funds are managed by our VC team and have access to private deals that most investors do not.

Note: To enquire about funds, contact us 

Angels by Silicon Rounabout has a special program for individuals or institutions who plan to invest over £1M on the platform. Contact us directly if you are interested.

Why invest on Angels by Silicon Roundabout

When it comes to deal flow it’s not about quantity as much as quality. 

We believe that focus is key when it comes to startup selection and that our tech specialist knowledge is fundamental to spot the most innovative startups out there. 

By focusing only in tech startups with seriously disruptive technologies, we cut through the noise of “breweries” and SMEs that fill up all the crowdfunding and angel platforms out there.

Our specialist knowledge, in the Computer Science and Financial Fields, allows us to see what only the more established VCs have the resources to analyse. Running the biggest tech community in Europe since 2011 allows us to come across startups at very early in their development phase. This allows us to monitor their growth and choose when to invest in them.

Access requirements

Investors on Angels by Silicon Roundabout must be certified.

Investors self-report their certification status during sign up. 

Investors get access to deal-by-deal investing that requires evidence of sophistication that we verify for each applicant. We expect that investors participating in Angels by Silicon Roundabout Syndicates have made two or more direct investments in technology startups and/or that their verifiable Net Worth can be classified as “high” according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines.

Angels by Silicon Roundabout reviews investor applications on a month by month basis.

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A syndicate is a deal-by-deal investment opportunity in a single startup, which we have selected, vetted and upload on our platform. Syndicates pool capital from multiple investors into to participate in a startup’s investment round.

A startup is only brought to the platform if it passes a very strict set of checks and if our analysts on both the tech side and the business side believe the startup has true potential to make 30X+ returns in 3-7 years.

Investors typically have 20 business days to decide whether they’d like to invest. Investors sign documents online and fund investments directly with the startups.

The minimum investment size is between £50K and £100K per deal.

Syndicate costs

Angels by Silicon Roundabout does not charge its members to invest in a startup. There are no setup nor ongoing management fees either.

Angels by Silicon Roundabout charges startups a minimal success fee on any money raised to pay for costs such as state regulatory agencies, payment processors, and operations.

Angels by Silicon Roundabout as a business has a long-term strategy that rewards profitable investments. We keep our ‘skin in the game’ by charging a carry fee (20% in total) to our Premium Members in exchange for providing VC-level due diligence. A Carry is a fee of positive returns generated by the investment. Example: let’s say you invest £50,000 in a syndicate with 20% carry. If the investment returns £500,000, the syndicate would earn £90,00 in carry. 20% * (£500,000 – £50,000).


  • Does SRV charge companies to raise capital?
At SRV we strongly believe that companies shouldn’t need to pay fees to raise capital. Virtually all capital raised on through Angels by Silicon Roundabout and the Silicon Roundabout Ventures (SRV) network goes directly to the companies to support their high growth.
We only charge founders to pay for the arrangement, administration and third party costs involved in a fundraising round.

Who would benefit most from joining Angels by Silicon Roundabout?

Accredited Investors, Family Offices, Small Venture Funds, and Corporations.

Accredited Investors:

You don’t need to have the tech expertise to invest in Tech and Deep-Tech companies. We choose the companies you invest in, how much to invest in each round, pre-money valuation and shareholder’s agreement, so that you can focus on profiting.

Family offices:

Family offices rely on SRV to provide high quality vetted tech startup and support them with the highly technical due diligence process (we audit each startup code). Family office members leverage SRV to expand their networks and find syndication partners on our platform.

Small VC Funds:

We serve as an additional channel of high quality deal flow for funds that invest at the Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stage. All of our opportunities are fully vetted and give fund managers the ability to invest in tech startups like specialist large VCs do, without having to hire a team of 20 tech experts and analysts.


Corporate members are able to increase their presence in the innovation community through SRV investments. We can provide access to a pipeline of startup opportunities within a target sector, and we can provide diligence reports that allow you to leverage our team and experience within your organization.

How does Angels by Silicon Roundabout protect my information?

We do not release any information on transactions completed on the platform to third parties unless instructed to do so by the information provider or by a government authority.
Since our portal is private, founders can be confident that their information is secure and not available to competitors who are browsing for information.

What is the investment process?

Our members invest individually on an opt-in basis.
Premium Members are presented with the most attractive deals as soon as we complete the due diligence. The deal is then published on the platform for both Premium and Standard Members to see.
Premium Members have automatic access to the Due Diligence. Standard Members can purchase it on a deal-by-deal basis.
Rounds do not normally enter ‘overfunding’ phases. Rounds typically are closed when the target amount is reached (on a first-come basis).
Startups can sometimes agree with us on a lower target amount than the one published, which entitles them to close a round successfully even if the published target is not reached. We only allow this if we believe such amount to be enough for the startup to hit their next milestones.
From our pipeline of selected investment opportunities, when you decide to make an investment, you directly own the equity in the company.
We use the digital startup funding service SeedLegals to complete the investment round and give investors the ability to track their startups’ cap table online.

How are investment opportunities selected?

We have monthly topic based-events where we invite 5-6 startups to present in front of our community.
If any great start-up ticks all of our boxes, we start an initial vetting process and ask founders more in-depth questions.
If the vetting process goes fine, then we initiate the DD process and look at all aspects of the company.
Our investment team has over 17 years of experience spanning from investment banking, tech startups and Real Estate investments. We rely on our expertise to look at all aspects of the startups – we are startup founders, former fund managers and computer scientists ourselves.

Do I have to invest in every deal?

There are typically 2-3 live investment opportunities on Angels by Silicon Roundabout at any one time. 
Members choose which deals they would like to invest in.
Members are provided with diligence reports, founder videos, and company information to help guide their investment decisions.

What is the ticket size per investor? 

The minimum investment per investor is £50K per deal. For rounds worth 1M+, the minimum check size is £100k.

What is your due diligence process?

Due diligence (DD) is very important to us.
We look at about 40 different documents for each PreSeed / Seed startups and 60+ documents for Series A companies.
These documents range from Company’s meeting minutes to full tech stack analysis and notes from their CTOs
You can request our due diligence checklist for more information on all the aspects of the company that we evaluate in the investment recommendation.

Since you do DD, does it mean I don’t have to?

If you invest on an individual deal, you MUST do your own due diligence (DD). We publish documents we receive from startups and that we believe to be correct to the best of our knowledge. Any other document or summary you will find in our DD package is based on data gathered from the market and from the startups but should in no way be taken “at face value” since in most cases it is data based on forecasts, predictions and entrepreneurial objectives (thus NOT guaranteed nor legally binding). 
Please assess each startup and the information we collect and organise with your own judgment and never invest without consulting your financial advisor or carrying out your own DD independently. Think this way: you would not buy an investment property without seeing it or without having expert financial advice on it -irrespective of how much information a real estate agent can provide. We present opportunities but the investment choice is ultimately yours. Since we are a platform strictly for professional and accredited investors, we do expect members to be able to take informed decisions on the high-risk investment opportunities we publish on our platform for members to inspect.
For informations about hands-off investment opportunities in our Funds, please enquire with us.

How many investment opportunities are on the platform?

We aim to add 2-3 investment opportunities to the platform each month. These are fully vetted opportunities that are ready for investment.
We are not about quantity, we are about quality. We aim for the best high growth start-ups in technologies we see upcoming such as IoT, Cybersecurity, AI/ML, 5G Networking, DeepTech.

How much do you charge? Are there any fees?

We do not charge any investment fee to the investors. We only charge Premium Investors a  20% carry fee at the time of the exit to keep us aligned with your goals: We make money only if you make money.
Since Angels by Silicon Roundabout is an invite-only community, investors cannot “buy” our membership. For those investors who have successfully applied and been selected for an invite or for those referred by our existing members, membership costs are as follows:
Premium Members enjoy a range of exclusive benefits including:
  • Access to deals before anyone else
  • All the due diligence packages for all the startups
  • Exclusive access to members-only events, cocktails and networking sessions for our High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investors.
Standard Members do not have access to deals as soon as they are published and have access to the basic DD documents such as the pitch deck, executive summary or video-pitch.

What kind of returns can I expect from investing in start-ups?  

Long Answer: Venture investments as an asset class can yield high returns, but like any other high-risk asset class, returns are never guaranteed. As a matter of fact startup investment is not only very risky, it is also a very illiquid investment and it will be almost impossible to cash out of your investment until a suitable round, an acquisitiuon, an IPO or a liquidation take place. The “target” return we seek in our high quality start-up are typically 10 to 30 X (10 to 30 times your initial investment) over a 5-7 year investment period.
We only invest in early stage start-ups so the high return opportunity can be captured in the beginning and not when the start-up is already a scaleup and growth slows.

Are returns guaranteed?

Returns are never guaranteed and investments in early-stage, private companies are high-risk and illiquid. It is advisable to consult with your financial advisor to determine if venture assets are a sensible addition to your portfolio strategy.

How are the deals structured?

Typically investors receive common or preferred stock depending on the round stage and specifics. Each deal is unique, and you will have access to all investment documentation to help you understand the form of the security. 
At present, all investments from our syndicated groups are made directly into the target company as we do not use pooling vehicles such as SPVs or nominees.

How are you different from other platforms out there?

It’s simple: Curation. Most VC spend 30 seconds on a pitch deck. We spend an 1-2 hours to fully understand each startup pitch deck we select. Our members don’t need to sift through hundreds of opportunities to find the gems. We do the work for you. And most importantly, as a member, you directly own equity in each company you add to your portfolio. We also do not charge any management fees like other syndicate platforms or VCs.

Unlike crowdfunding platforms we are focused on deep and disruptive technologies. We also don’t take up to 10% of your invested capital out of the company right off the top as we keep charges to founders as low as we can.
The company receives 100% of your investment minus the legal, arrangement and administrative costs of the round. We actually went even further to reduce this as much as possible by partnering with technology providers such as SeedLegals to process all the legal documents online for a fraction of the cost high-street lawyers would normally charge startups.

What qualifications do I need to join the community?

Our members must be accredited investors as defined by FCA guidelines. Prospective members need to have both the capacity, the will and the basic investment knowledge to undertake risky financial commitments such as startup investing. We only invite true High-Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investors with at least two deals under their belt.
Members are also expected to actively contribute to the community. Members who do not invest nor take part in activities for over 24 months may be have their membership terminated due to inactivity.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Memberships may be cancelled at any time by cancelling their account.
Should you need to terminate your Standard or Premium membership, we reserve the right to keep your information safe on our database for up to 24 months before deleting it.

Are you a CrowdFunding platform?

No, we are an invitation-only investor group. We invest in startups as an angel syndicate group.


Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest if I don’t reside in the U.K.?

Yes. Even if your primary residence is not in the U.K., SRV is a U.K. company and
therefore, will need to comply with U.K. laws and regulations.

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